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Geaux Big

This blog thing is very new to me.. I know that I had one a decade ago.. when I thought that I would be some profound writer. That.. like everything else, was short lived. I got through these phases, where I develop these new hobbies annually. Hobbies of ASL classes, calligraphy, guitar lessons, wake boarding.. and the list goes on. The one thing that always remains the same is my love and my one and only talent... cooking. I have always loved to cook and I really think that I do a great job at it. Matching tastes and creating a masterpiece on a plate is what brings me joy. I have talked about owning a restaurant for years.. and I guess that it took this pandemic and sitting still for a while to finally dive deep, go hard, and realize that I have waited too long to make my dreams a reality. So here goes nothing! My journey in becoming all that God has created me to be. That's all I've ever wanted right?

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