Frequently asked questions

  • Why are they so expensive?

    • Decorating cookies is an art. It takes hours to decorate a set of cookies and with each creation, I cater to the customer which makes them so special. ​

  • ​Can you decorate licensed characters?​

    • I am not able to create any cookies with licensed or copyright images. I am happy to do cookies with the inspiration and creatively customize them for you!​

  • How soon should I place my order?

    • 2 weeks prior to the event is key to having space cut out for your order.​

  • Do you sell cookie sets that aren't decorated?

    • I will sell cookies that are not decor​ated. I will provide kits for those wanting to decorate cookies themselves at home! 

  • Do you offer samples?

    • At this time, I do not offer samples. ​

  • How many flavors can I get in one order?

    • You are able to get 1 flavor per dozen. ​

  • Do you offer special cookies for those with allergies?

    • Gluten Free, Vegan, Eggless, Dairy Free, and other options are available. Please contact directly for flavor and pricing on these cookies. ​

  • Can I order less than a dozen?

    • I have specials during the holidays in which you may purchase less than a dozen. Any personal orders should be in counts of 12. ​

  • Do you ship?

    • I do not ship out of state, due to Food Cottage laws. Contact me further for all ship​ping orders

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