Butter Vanilla 

Our most popular cookie flavor


A rich, chocolate flavored cookie


A lemon cookie with hints of vanilla and almond 

Red Velvet

Our personal favorite cookie flavor


A lemony, citrus flavored cookie with vanilla

*Wedding Cake

Like a traditional wedding cake, this cookie is almond flavored

(*chef's choice)

Ask about our Vegan Cookies!


Combo 1: 1-3 colors, simple designs, few/simple borders, 2 to 3 inch cookies. Starts at $36 per dozen

Combo 2: 4 colors, more detailed borders, few flowers, lettering, simple hand painting, 2 to 4 inch cookies. Starts at $40 per dozen

Combo 3: 5+ colors, detailed borders, detailed lettering, detailed hand painting, elaborate piping, 2 to 5+ inch cookies. Starts at $45 per dozen


Simple Delights: These cookies are drizzled with icing in your flavor of choice. You can buy these as a stand-alone order, or along with a customized order. These are perfect if you want something delicious and beautiful for a large group…or just for yourself. Simple delights are $20 per dozen 


A created design, just for you!

Pricing is dependent on the complexity of the cookies decoration and the labor in making the cookie.

Prices usually range between $3.00 (for simple designs) to $5.00 (for more complex designs). Orders must be by the dozen.

Cookies are delivered heat sealed and boxed for no additional charge.

Cookies must be ordered at least 2 weeks in advance. 

Note: Cookies are all customized and a work of art! I will always accept photos for inspiration, but note that they will be created with my vision. I do not recreate identical work from others. Colors may be slightly different, as well as certain shapes. 

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